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I ran into “Jason Statham” in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE — I didn’t actually run into Jason Statham in Dubai, unfortunately, but what do you think? Does this guy look like him or what? Talk about a brother from another mother. This is seriously his long-lost twin. An Emirati version of Statham.

How crossing the street in Hanoi looks like

HANOI, Vietnam — The trick is to walk across at a steady pace. People will avoid or maneuver around you. It took me some time to get used to crossing the street this way. I thought it was too dangerous. This is how crossing the street looks like in most Asian countries though. You must ...

The border between North and South Korea D.M.Z.

DMZ, South Korea — The Demilitarized Zone is a border barrier that divides the Korean Peninsula. We were warned during our visit not to make any sudden movements. It was a tense and engaging atmosphere. A soldier checked each of our passports while we were waiting on a tour bus. Korean nationals aren’t allowed to ...

Bakugan toy box at Myeongdong in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea — “Have you heard of Bakomon?” I asked George, who was sitting next to me, on the tour bus. “Pokemon?” he replied. “No BAKomon,” I said while laughing. He shakes his head slowly and stares at me with the same blank look he always had on his face since the first day I met him at ...

First time in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — I’d like to thank CIEE for giving me this opportunity to visit Korea. I’ve made many wonderful friends on this trip. We are very well fed and everyday is a big day.