Abbott:Texas is what America’s supposed to be

SAN ANGELO, Texas – When Gov. Greg Abbott spoke Thursday afternoon in San Angelo, he had a clear message for the crowd of supporters: Texas is leading the way in preserving and protecting conservative principles and priorities, which he said leaders in Washington and on the Supreme Court have failed to do.

“There is a big-time difference between the way they do things in Washington, D.C., and the way we do things right here in the state of Texas,” Abbott said. “America needs Texas now more than ever, and I can tell you at the forefront of that operation is counties like Tom Green County.”

About 200 people battled the heat and each other for standing room to listen to Abbott talk in the packed 333 Restaurant & Saloon. They clapped and cheered loudly throughout the speech, which lasted about 25 minutes.

Abbott discussed immigration, Obamacare, religious liberty in regards to marriage, Planned Parenthood and achievements of this year’s legislative session.

Abbott noted that the session finished with about $10 billion in the state’s Rainy Day Fund and passed legislation to improve veterans’ care and enhance early education.

He said lawmakers have dedicated more than $4 billion a year for at least 10 years to work on roads in Texas — all without raising taxes, fees, tolls or debt. Almost a billion dollars also was set aside to strengthen the border with Mexico — adding more officers on the ground, planes in the air, boats on the water and several thousand new cameras.

“We are tired in Texas of the federal government not securing our borders,” he said. “So Texas is going to do it ourselves.”

“We have already defunded Planned Parenthood,” Abbott said and paused as the crowd clapped and cheered loudly. “Now we’re undertaking a criminal investigation that may put Planned Parenthood out of business altogether.”

Abbott criticized the Obama administration for his health care law and rejected the Supreme Court’s recent decision supporting same-sex marriage.

“The United States Supreme Court was also wrong and misapplied the United States Constitution in its decision on marriage,” Abbott said. “The United States Supreme Court trampled your religious liberty by issuing that decision, but once again Texas is leading the way because the fight to protect religious liberty is not over despite this United States Supreme Court decision.”

Abbott also applauded Texas for passing an open carry measure, which in three months will allow gun owners with a concealed handgun license to openly carry.

Abbott also boasted that he has sued President Barack Obama 31 times, which he said is more than anyone in historical records has sued a president of the United States.

He concluded the discussion by saying people have proved that conservative leadership principles make Texas even better, and that is what lawmakers abided by this last legislative session.

“We need states like Texas leading the way to fix this country,” Abbott said. “We will keep Texas in the vanguard of the United States and we will change the United States of America to be more like Texas, and we will truly be a blessed nation for eternity.”

The speech ended to an uproar of cheering from the crowd as people began to form a line to meet Abbott.
Some recognized guests in attendance were 51st District Attorney Allison Palmer, Mayor Dwain Morrison, Precinct 1 Commissioner Ralph Hoelscher, Angel State University President Brian May and County Clerk Elizabeth McGill.

Brian Rappe, 61 and an emergency physician, waited in the long line after the speech to greet and take a few photos with Abbott. He said he felt positive, informed and encouraged by Abbott’s speech and looks forward to seeing the governor achieve great things.

“I’m going to talk to him about how Obamacare affects the hospitals. … I work for several hospitals, and I hate to see the small ones close.” Rappe said. “I thought it was very encouraging for him to state basically that Texas should lead the way for the United States because of what we’re doing.”

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